X Factor: Aiden Grimshaw will ‘bust some moves’ with his American Anthem

X Factor finalist Aiden Grimshaw has promised that he will be more ‘fun’ on this week’s show.

The 18 year old singer has been criticised in previous weeks for being too ‘intense’ in his performances but he has assured fans that he will even dance when singing his ‘American Anthem’ on Saturday.

Speaking in his official video diary, Aiden said:

This week there’s been a change in the theme. I think I’ve got quite a cool song, quite contemporary and I can’t wait because I get to run about and bust some moves.

I am quite fun. Everyone keeps saying I’m intense, but I’m not that intense. I just pull faces sometimes.

Although his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller didn’t go down well with the judges last week, Aiden revealed that he did enjoy singing the song. He said:

Last week, I enjoyed it. I thought it was cool. I got to do my own version of a massive song but I couldn’t do it like Michael Jackson, because I didn’t want to slaughter a Michael Jackson song because only Michael Jackson can do Michael Jackson. So I tried a new arrangement, I tried to make it a bit thinky but perhaps I was a bit self indulgent.

Are you looking forward to Aiden’s high energy performance this week? Leave your comments below!

Lisa McGarry

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