X Factor: Alan Carr won’t push Tulisa for sex tape details and slams Big Brother stars!

Alan Carr is back on our screens this Friday with the new series of his hugely popular chat show Alan Car: Chatty Man on Channel 4 and he’s scored a massive coup for his first celebrity guest of the series, as we reported last week Tulisa is set to give Alan her first interview since her sex tape scandal. However, Alan tells The Sun that it’s not his or his shows style to be pushing for gossip on the story and he wants to keep things light.

Speaking to The Sun he said:

“People come on if they wanna have a laugh. If you wanna have a moment saying, ‘This is where the man touched me’ then my show’s not the right place. But if you wanna see Rihanna throwing her head back laughing then that’s me.”

We do want to see Rihanna laughing but we also want a bit of dirt…don’t you guys?

He added:

“You can see a different side of someone without them breaking down.You can learn more from watching Cheryl Cole having a good laugh than hear her saying ‘That mosquito bit me here’ and sobbing about it. Sobbing doesn’t equal good chat show. I’m not a journalist, I want them to come round my house and get drunk. We make them look good.”

Whilst the X Factor judge’s rise in popularity over the last year and the recent sex tape scandal makes Tulisa a perfect guest for the new series, Alan is quite sure which guests he doesn’t want on his show. Reality TV Z listers from the likes of Big Brother that’s who!

Poor old Brian Belo!

He continued:

“I don’t want those people on the show.I’m not dissing them, everyone’s got to make a living. But there are amazing actors and singers who can move you who I’d rather have. Because of the influx of reality TV stars, the price of fame has dropped. The magazines are filled with people like Alex and Chantelle, whereas the Angelina Jolies and Brad Pitts and the Beckhams drift away. You can’t be like, ‘Angelina, have you met Wolf?’”

“That said we’ve had great guests, ones you don’t normally see — Justin Timberlake, Liam Gallagher, Lady GaGa.”

Away from Chatty Man, Alan also fancies lining up a show to tie in with the upcoming Diamond Jubilee saying “If there’s a bandwagon I’ll jump on it. If everyone else is having a piece, I will too.”

Carr may seem like a pussycat, but the bespectacled star turned into a bit of a lion on Twitter this week, when a fan appeared to criticse his Channel 4 show.

The viewer tweeted:

“The only talk show I watch regardless of guests is @AlanCarr’s. Pity he lost both #Madonna and @ladygaga to Norton & Ross respectively.”

And a rather grumpy sounding Alan replied:

“excuse me @ladygaga was on last series – please do research -you look a dick otherwise xxxxx”


You can get your Alan fix and see how Tulisa navigates her first post tape interview by tuning into Alan Carr : Chatty Man this Friday (27th April) at 10pm on Channel 4.

This article was written by music, TV and soaps enthusiast Andy Hickling. Check him out on Twitter here.

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