X Factor: Cher Lloyd fled to parents home last week!

Cher Lloyd is said to have walked out of the X Factor mansion last Wednesday and travelled 140 miles to her parents home in Malvern.

X Factor contestants are not usually allowed to depart London mid week, however insiders say producers approved Cher’s trip because she was being pushed to breaking point by her fellow finalists.

Sources say that Lloyd’s team mates turned on the 17 year old, amidst claims that she is receiving special attention from their mentor Cheryl Cole.

A source told The News Of The World:

“The housemates turned on Cher this week and it wasn’t pretty.

“They think she’s become too arrogant and big for her boots over the last couple of weeks.

“On Wednesday night there was a heated bust-up and it all became too much for Cher. She had to get away from them and go and see her family.

“The producers are aware of it, and they know how vulnerable she can still be at times.”

The situation was reportedly made worse when Cheryl Cole jetted off to LA, giving only Cher her mobile phone number. Rebecca Ferguson, Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen were said to be upset that their mentor had abandoned them so close to the weekend’s live show.

The insider added: “They feel Cheryl has given up on them. She gave Cher her number but wouldn’t even talk to them while she was away.

“In fact, nearly all the other finalists are sick of Cher getting so much attention. On Wednesday it boiled over and Cher accused them of ganging up on her – then stormed off.

“No one else is allowed to go home, which annoyed the other contestants even more. But bosses made sure Cher returned for rehearsals.”

Cher Lloyd took on ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Alicia Keys and Jay Z on tonight’s American Anthem themed X Factor show. Afterwards Simon Cowell berated her saying:

Any other week I would call that an incredible performance but after last week I’m a little disappointed. Last week was 100% original this was a little bit copycat. I’m not blaming you but in the standard of the competition this year, to make the final you’ve got to be more original. I think your mentor got a little bit lazy.

Lisa McGarry

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