X Factor: Cher Lloyd sings No Diggity and Shout (VIDEO)

There is little doubt that the recent broad themes on the X Factor have been chosen so that Cher Lloyd can fit in a rap number each week!

Dannii Minogue said the huge production would make it difficult for Cher to stand out and added that she’d like, for once, the singer to do something uncomplicated.

It was nice to hear Cher singing at the start of No Diggity and proving that she actually can hold a tune and not just speak in time. We LOVED her hair down for a change and thought it made her look much more feminine. For us, this was Lloyd’s best performance to date…we would like Dannii like to hear her just sing for once, but this is the closest she has come yet.


SIMON COWELL: I can only tell you that it didn’t feel you were someone taking part in a competition. It felt that you were someone coming back with five hit records and just came back with your new single. You are so confident and the two songs were very very clever, you look healthy, you look happy and I am really really happy for you.

DANNII MINOGUE: Cher tonight, this felt like you. This is what you would do at your concert. The staging was incredible, love the way that you looked and as a last note, you sang it really well.

LOUIS WALSH: Cher you took two brilliant pop anthems and I love what you did on stage, It was like you were in your comfort zone, this is what you love to do. I loved your whole attitude and I think Brian Friedman did an incredible job with it and the styling was amazing.

CHERYL COLE: Thank you for being a strong little thing, for allowing me to let myself loose a little bit on there too. You are everything that a popstar should be and I thoroughly enjoy you every Saturday night.

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Lisa McGarry

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