X Factor: Cher Lloyd to change her name to Cher-L?

Cher Lloyd is reportedly hoping to change her performing name to Cher-L, however her mentor Cheryl Cole isn’t happy with the suggestion.

Insiders say advisors recommended that Cher opt for a more catchy name, however she couldn’t simply use her first name because of the famous ‘Turn Back Time’ singer. The 17 year old singer has often been compared to Cheryl Cole, because of both her musical tastes and fashion choices, so she decided that she’d like to have the same name as well.

A show insider told The Sun:

“Cher has already been called a mini-Cheryl and now she could end up with almost the same name.

“X Factor chiefs want Cher to change her name after the show to give her something a bit edgier and more fitting to her image.

“They don’t like her having two names and think she should have something a bit different.”

The source continued: “She can’t be known as Cher so the idea of Cher-L came up – but her mentor didn’t like it as it was so similar to her own name.

“Cher loves Cheryl and values her input and ideas but it doesn’t look like she’ll get her way on this one.”

Cher wowed the judges with her emotional rendition of Stay on Saturday night’s X Factor show. The singer had previously been described as a one trick pony who raps more than sings. However she turned it around with her powerful vocal at the weekend, causing Simon Cowell to rave:

I don’t think that was the performance of the night. I think it was the performance of the entire season. Because you are special, you proved a point this week, you’re not somebody who just does one thing. You’re only 17 years old and that performance, by any standard, was absolutely incredible.

However even Simon has noticed the similarity between Lloyd and her mentor. He added:

My only criticism is that obviously Cheryl is trying to turn you into her.

Lisa McGarry

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