X Factor: Cher Lloyd was furious when Katie Waissel survived

by Lisa McGarry

X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd was reportedly gutted when Katie waissel survived her second sing off on Sunday night.

The 17 year old singer had seen Waissel mess up her lyrics and swear at the audience during her save me song and assumed that the judges would opt to save Treyc Cohen from the chop.

However when Katie got through until next week, Cher was said to be so upset that she refused to congratulate her team mate.

A source told the Metro: “When the acts rushed on stage to hug Katie, Cher walked straight by her stony faced and refused to even acknowledge her.

“Cher stood away from the group and wandered about the back of the stage with a face like thunder.

“She then made a ‘crazy’ hand gesture to her friends and family in the crowd. She was definitely not happy.”

Oh the drama!

Lisa McGarry

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