X Factor: Cheryl Cole doesn’t want a movie career

Cheryl Cole seems to be everywhere at the minute but thankfully we shouldn’t see her popping up on our cinema screen anytime soon.

The ever present singer, judge and charity mountain climber has revealed that she doesn’t intend to branch into acting any time soon, though she doesn’t rule out the possibility of a cameo. In a radio interview she said:

“I don’t really see myself as an actress. I love music too much.

“I wouldn’t mind a cameo, if I could just play myself.

“But if Sex And The City said they wanted me to be in their movie, I’m there.

“My PA reckons I’m half Carrie half Charlotte. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!