X Factor: Cheryl Cole hits back at ‘disappointing’ Cher Lloyd – Lloyd goes to America!

Cheryl Cole has hit back at Cher Lloyd in her recent interview with GQ.

The former X Factor judge was an avid supporter of the teenage singer when she competed on the ITV series in 2010, however whent he show ended, the pair fell out of contact and it seems Ms Lloyd took this as a personal snub.

She has hit out at her former mentor on a number of occasions, the most recently being when she implied the blonde beauty couldn’t sing live and relied on autotune technology for her performances.

Cole hit back at the young singer at the time, tweeting:

“Be careful who you kick on your way up. They kick you twice as hard on your way down.”

However she has elaborated on her disappointment in her latest interview claiming that Lloyd needs to ‘learn a lot.’

Being slightly more understanding than we think we would have been in her shows, Chez added:

“I went through hell to get her on that programme. Everyone says stuff at the beginning of their career they will learn to regret.”

“It’s disappointing because I fought for her. Maybe I didn’t teach her as well as I thought I had.”

In the same interview, the former Girls Aloud singer also revealed that she is desperate to start a family and wants a whole brood of children eventually.

Cole is set to release her third solo album “A Million Lights” on the 18 June 2012, with lead single “Call My Name” being released on the 10 June 2012.

Meanwhile, dissing Cheryl Cole doesn’t seem to have hurt her music career any and this week, Lloyd is set to jet off to America, where she will begin promoting her debut album ‘Sticks And Stones.’

It is said that her management are hoping she can follow in the footsteps of One Direction, who ruled the charts with their album and single recently and sold out concerts all round the country.

Lloyd tweeted last night saying:

New York and LA… are you ready?!! can’t wait to meet more of my US fans and see the @thebratqueen again!! #brattakeover

I’ve over packed a little, don’t know if this suitcase will fit in New York! haha!! 🙂 Xxx #brattakeover

Lisa McGarry

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