X Factor: Cheryl Cole wants quick divorce and no contact from Ashley!

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has reportedly initiated divorce proceedings against her cheating husband Ashley Cole.

Sources say that the ‘Three Words’ singer agreed not to cite adultery on the legal papers but has insisted on Ashley not contacting her in person, by phone or by text for at least six months after the divorce is finalised.

Cheryl is also thought to be seeking an out of court settlement on the matter and has told her lawyer that she does not want ANY of Ashley’s £10 million fortune and is even prepared to pay him £3 million for his stake of their Surrey mansion. However in return she intends to place a lifelong gagging order on the footballer, banning him from revealing details of their marriage for as long as he lives.

A source told The Sunday Mirror: “Cheryl does not want a single thing from ­Ashley except his signature on the divorce ­agreement. She just wants him to leave her alone, ­accept it is over and for them both to move on. After all she’s been through, Cheryl just wants to walk away with her half and for the divorce to be as painless as ­possible.

“She doesn’t want a penny from him or for this to be dragged through the courts.

“Cheryl isn’t out for revenge and she has no desire to humiliate Ashley further by citing ‘adultery’ for the divorce.”

Cheryl’s team have given Ashley seven days to respond to her requests, after which point the matter will go to court.

A source in Cheryl’s camp added: “The seven-day period is one of the shorter time periods, so she obviously wants to get this sorted as quickly as ­possible.

“After the Heads of Agreement document is sent out, Ashley’s ­lawyer will come back and say whether he agrees with each of the bullet points on the list and make his own suggestions.

“If, at any point, the ­negotiations break down, the battle could be played out in court.”

What we want to know is will she change her name back to Tweedy once she is free of cheating Mr Cole?

Lisa McGarry

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