X Factor: Cheryl Cole won’t speak to Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly refusing to speak to her colleague Louis Walsh, after he verbally abused her on last week’s show.

Following Katie Waissel’s debut performance, Louis blasted Cheryl saying:

“It’s not all about you, Cheryl.”

He later refused to apologise for his comments and in an interview with The Daily Mail today, he made his dislike for Cole more than clear.

After reading his comments about her in the press, an insider told The Mirror that Cheryl is now giving Walsh the cold shoulder and yesterday would only speak to Simon Cowell backstage.

­The source said:

“Cheryl is quite upset by Louis. It all started off as a joke but she feels he’s gone too far.

“Simon will tell Cheryl not to worry because it’s only Louis, but she’s a sensitive soul and she does get upset. She feels he’s picking on her unfairly.

“She’s like, ‘What have I done to him? I’ve never said anything bad about him.’

“It’s kind of like playground teasing which has suddenly gone into bullying. I’m sure Simon will be having a word if it carries on. He is the peacemaker. He doesn’t like ­arguments. He doesn’t mind a bit of teasing and a bit of fun but when it starts to upset people he ­understands that it’s not nice.

“The problem is Louis always goes too far.”

So is the problem Louis’ rude comments or Cheryl’s thin skin? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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