X Factor contestants won’t speak to John and Edward Grimes

by Lisa McGarry


X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes are reportedly being frozen out by the other contestants from the show. After the departure of talented singers like Lucie Jones and Jamie Archer, the acts are beginning to take their frustration out on Jedward.

An insider told The Daily Star Sunday: “The boys are really starting to feel like everyone hates them.

“They have been Public Enemy No.1 for weeks but the house was always their safe haven. But now they are also feeling the brunt there too.

“It seems the remaining finalists are starting to get fed-up with the twins surviving each week while more talented singers get the boot.

“Basically, nobody in the house is talking to them at the moment. Danyl won’t even stay in the same room as them and Olly and Stacey tend to steer clear as well.

“When they came down to breakfast one morning this week everyone walked out of the kitchen. It was really harsh.

“The feeling is that each week they are taking the place of someone who has a genuine chance of winning the title while they are just a freak show. They have each other though and they seem to spend all their free time together anyway.”

Mentor Louis Walsh defended the boys saying: “I can understand why people would be jealous of Jedward.

“They are the stars of the show. They don’t let anything get to them. And yes, they are a danger to everyone left in the competition.

“I hope they stay in it as long as possible because they really are lovely guys and great fun to work with.

“The X Factor is a highly-pressurised environment and it can bring out the worst in people. I can only hope that whatever is going on in the house is a one-off reaction and doesn’t last.

“Jedward have been through the mill right now and it has to be taking its toll on them. They are booed on the stage and if that has transferred back to the house then that is so unfair.

“But they are really positive people and I know they will rise above it.”

Lisa McGarry

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