The X Factor: Is Dannii Minogue returning? What about Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell?

by Nick Barnes
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Rumours have been circulating for some time now and we don’t expect the rumour mill to stop churning out those stories any time soon. It’ll only get worse as the lead-up to the announcement becomes imminent.

However, it has today been revealed that Dannii Minogue could well be back on the original British version of The X Factor next year. Not only that, she’ll apparently be sitting beside Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

ITV Bosses want the show to go back to the 2008-2010 period when the show was the most successful and that means when Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell were on the panel.

Since then, we’ve had a few changes with the judging panel and none have really worked to secure the ratings the show used to see. I would say that the current judging panel including Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger is the best we’ve had since 2010, but that’s been blown apart. Unfortunately, Gary Barlow has confirmed he is leaving the show, we expect Sharon Osbourne to leave and well, we don’t know what’s going on with Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh. We reckon out of them all, Louis will be back next year.

Cowell’s relationship has been strained with both Cheryl and Dannii in recent years as Cheryl went over to the US with Cowell to launch The X Factor USA, but she was sacked after a few days on the job. She sued the production company for £1.4 million.

Back in 2010 when an ‘unauthorised’ autobiography was released, it was claimed that Cowell had a raunchy affair with Minogue and was “played” by Cheryl Cole – ohh err.

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Anyway, a source told The Mirror this morning: “Dannii is still very popular in the UK and many people at ITV feel the return of Sharon Osbourne this year was positive and would like to do the same with Dannii.

“The show was most successful a number of years ago so they need some of that success and spark, perhaps mixed with one or two new faces from the music industry today.

“Dannii and Simon together could be very intriguing and exciting on screen, there is a lot of history there.”

It was reported in 2010 that Dannii had been made an offer to return to the show, but she quietly turned it down in favour to look after her son, Ethan.

Speaking about Cheryl Cole recently, Simon said: “She was a really, really good judge. I mean, she took what she did seriously. She used to ring me almost every night – one, two three o’clock in the morning, talking about songs and what she should be doing.

“That’s the kind of judge you want to be working with on these shows, because they really care”.

The music mogul added: “We have to find a way because we had a lot of fun…”

So, do you think Cheryl, Dannii and Simon will return to the panel in 2014? If they do, do you think it’ll boost the show?

Nick Barnes

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  1. Ciaran on December 27, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Its not the judges, its the song choice and arrangement thats the problem.

    People dont want to watch boring performances.
    Some dude with a guitar, or Abi Alton doing god knows what, is not entertainment.

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