X Factor: Daryl Markham sings for his late brother


UPDATE: When I first heard about Daryl Markham I thought it would be just another sob story *yawn* but he actually is quite the singer.

I liked his version of I don’t wanna talk about it and I hope if he gets any further, he and his story aren’t exploited in any way. Because he really is very good.

On this week’s X Factor we will meet Daryl Markham from East Sussex who despite having worked hard as a carpenter for the past 24 years has always held out hoping to fulfil his passion of singing. “I’ve always wanted to sing, last year I applied to The X Factor but unfortunately it was my brother’s wedding day, well not unfortunately, it was fortunate, I was very proud to be his best man.

“My dream would be to perform to an audience and hopefully I can go on stage, give my all and hopefully my voice will do the talking.”

He walks on stage very nervous and Simon asks him about himself. “I applied to come on last year but it was my brother’s wedding, but unfortunately shortly after his wedding his was diagnosed with lung cancer and 6 weeks later he passed away.

“Me and my brother were inseparable, we did everything together, he was my best friend, only 6 weeks after being told, he died, he was only 37. We had a business together, two benches next to each other, me and Gary, all his tools are still there, I promised my brother I’d look after his young 9 year old boy Kian, he’s a very bright young boy but goes back into himself. He doesn’t like to express himself too much, so we all have to be strong for him, that’s why I’m here today, to make him proud.”

Simon asks if he’s alright to perform as he’s so nervous, Daryl says he’s fine to perform. Simon tells him to take his time and take a deep breath.

The audience cheer as Daryl starts to sing ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’– can he do enough to impress the judges?

Lisa McGarry

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