The X Factor Disco Week Chart! Blood On The Dancefloor edition

by Gerard McGarry

Sam Bailey tops the Disco Week chart

The X Factor took us to the disco this week, although since it’s Halloween week, we were prepared for more than a few horrors along the way. Some of the contestants – as expected – just did not gel with the funky theme, while others managed to surprise and delight us with powerful performances.

And, of course, we had a brilliant introduction tonight from King Of Disco Nile Rodgers and Chic.  Nicole and Sharon both looked hilariously loopy tonight, and Scherzinger managed to make enough Disco Balls references to make the advertising peeps at Muller jealous. So, without further ado, here’s the RETURN of the Unreality TV X Factor Chart – the place where we rate (and slate) all the performances from tonight’s show.

  1. Sam Bailey – Enough Is Enough: Like Gary Barlow, I wasn’t expecting the powerballad queen to nail Disco Week, but Sam Bailey stepped out on the stage and blew everybody else away with a powerhouse performance and a true disco anthem – something many of the other singers had failed to do. And after spending some weeks getting back to her fighting weight, she looked fantastic on stage!
  2. Rough Copy – September: One of the only acts tonight to bring a high-energy disco song – and manage to do it justice. They had vocal harmonies, choreography and presence. There were some mutterings at Unreality HQ that it was a touch cheesy and missed the point of what Rough Copy were about. Still, these guys deserved Gary Barlow’s ‘Performance Of The Night (So Far)’ comment.
  3. Tamera Foster – Wishing On A Star: Since Tamera’s my favourite to win the show this year, I’m actually disappointed that she didn’t take the opportunity to sing something fast-paced and anthemic. Instead she sang a dreary ballad that would have been better suited to Abi Alton. And the vocals weren’t up to the usual standard. I’d kind of expected a slight fall for Tamera this week, but was hoping for a memorable performance.
  4. Abi Alton – I Will Survive: As much as it pains me, Dreary Abi gave a beautiful interpretation of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, but it was as far removed from the disco theme as it could possibly be. And the judges were ridiculously enthusiastic in their comments. They seem to be failing to see that Abi reduces everything to a tedious piano ballad. That’s alright if you like to be permanently depressed, but I was hoping for something upbeat tonight.
  5. Hannah Barrett – Somebody Else’s Guy: She might have been in the danger zone last week, but tonight’s performance should keep Hannah safe this week. A powerful vocal and a seriously sassy stage presence. Could this be Hannah’s comeback?
  6. Luke Friend – Play That Funky Music: Ah, Luke. The fact that he was doing the schoolboy thing of ‘researching’ disco on Wikipedia should have told us all we needed to know about this performance. It was a very studied ‘disco by numbers’ that didn’t have an ounce of the awesomeness of the original and managed to show that Luke isn’t perhaps as musical as his image would suggest.
  7. Kingsland Road – Blame It On The Boogie: We descend to the Seventh Level of Meh for an utterly insipid performance from a boyband who genuinely believe they’re en route to unseat One Direction as the King Boyband. Although the performance started off a little halfhearted, the guys managed to raise the energy level before the end. Still, I’m finding it really hard to like these guys.
  8. Nicholas McDonald – Rock With You: Oh Lord, that was the last word in lame. Nicholas stepped out on stage and looked utterly overwhelmed by the song and the theme. The vocals were terrible when he started, and although he pulled it together for the chorus, I remain unconvinced. Let’s face it The X Factor routinely tells us that they’ve scoured the nation for the best singers, and yet we get stagestruck karaoke-grade warbling from Nicholas (see also: Sam Callahan).
  9. Sam Callahan – Relight My Fire: Poor Sam. Nicole acknowledged that Sam isn’t the best singer in the competition, but the truth is Sam isn’t the best singer when he’s singing in the shower. There’s no denying that he’s a nice guy, but there’s no way he should still be on that stage this late in the competition. I blame the judges.

So, that’s our take on the Top 9 performances from tonight’s X Factor. As always, leave us your own chart in the comments and let us know whether you agree or disagree with our choices!

Gerard McGarry is a jet-setting, world-renowned Reality TV critic. In real life, Gerard works with web and social media strategy. His personal blog is at or follow him on Twitter @gerrybot


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  2. Ann smith on November 3, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    What a lot of tosh your comments were on Nicholas McDonald.
    Disco was not perhaps his forte and he didn’t boogie around the stage but neither did Abi or Tamara or indeed Hannah
    Nicholas vocals were far superior to that of many of the contestant.
    I’m sure Nicholas is safe this week and look forward to Big Band week when he WILL display his faultless vocals.
    Wonder how all the disco divas will cope with displaying their vocals .!!!

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