X Factor: Eoghan Quigg planning a comeback!

Eoghan Quigg - X Factor 2008

We bet you thought you’d heard the last of former X Factor finalist Eoghan Quigg, but his dad insists that his teenage son will be back….this time ‘bigger and better.’

Eoghan released his first and only album early last year. It peaked at 14 in the charts then fell out of the top 100 within three short weeks. Record label RCA dropped the 17-year-old soon after.

However Chris Quigg, Eoghan’s dad feels that had his son been allowed longer to plan and write for the album, he could have matched the success of Diana Vickers and JLS.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “The album of cover songs was recorded in eight to ten days. How can you do an album properly in that length of time?

“He never disagreed with them or questioned them, he just did what he was told. He didn’t write the songs, he just sang them.”

Chris added: “Had he been given someone to co-write the songs and more time to work on an album, it might have been different.

“The other acts were all given nine months to a year. They should have done the same for Eoghan, instead it was a quick kill.”

Although he has faced much disappointment since the show ended, Chris insists that his son has no regrets about taking part.

He said: “It was a brilliant platform for him and the disappointment came after the show.

“There are some fantastic people in the music industry and some who are not so fantastic.”

He added: “We didn’t even know he’d been dropped by the record company until we read in in the newspapers.

“That was pretty hard. He never expected to be treated like that.”

Chris continued: “He is concentrating on his exams for now but he will be back with some new material.

“He’s taken everything on the chin so far and when he does bounce back, he’ll be bigger and better.”

Lisa McGarry

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