X Factor fix? Did executive producer Richard Holloway tell Louis Walsh to choose Rylan Clark over Carolynne Poole (PICTURES)

Louis Walsh seemed nervous on tonight’s X Factor show, as he was left with the deciding vote between bottom two contestants Rylan Clark and Carolynne Poole.

He stuttered, stammered, and hesitated over his words after the sing off between the pair and first chose to save Carolynne, before opting to send the show to deadlock and allow the result to be based on the public voting figures.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor Tulisa Contostavlos admitted that Louis ‘panicked’ when he was put on the spot and some sources think they know why.

As Carolynne was singing her save me song, some eagle eyed viewers spotted a member of staff whispering in Louis’ ear. In fact the picture below shows that the Irish star wasn’t even looking at the stage for some of the Poole’s performance, as he bent down, facing away from the judges table to speak to the mystery person.

Some journalists have claimed that the man in question was X Factor boss Richard Holloway and of course the speculation has been rife.

Many people have claimed that the show’s executive producer was telling Walsh to save Rylan, so that his dramatic antics and outbursts could go on to make headlines and help boost ratings for the series.

Showbiz reporter Dan Wootton tweeted:

“Richard Holloway is the most powerful man on X Factor other than Simon Cowell. Hard not to think he was talking to Louis about the vote off.”

The Mirror’s deputy TV editor Mark Jefferies – who was in the audience this evening – shared the picture in question saying:

‘For anyone who missed it on screen, this is the moment during the sing off when Louis Walsh spoke to Richard Holloway:’

Holloway is of course the man who was responsible for Cheryl Cole’s sacking from The X Factor USA last year and controls everything that goes on in the singing competition, along with his old pal Simon Cowell.

Responding to the allegations, an ITV spokesperson has defended Louis’ decision and said:

“Carolynne had the least amount of public votes. Producers always chat to judges during the show.”

What do you think X Factor fans? Do you think the result was fixed tonight? We really want to hear your thoughts and ponderings in the comments section below…

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!

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  1. shady on October 8, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    you dead right julie louis does the same every year . but without all this cheating and fixing the show would be nothing , the bookies would make nothing , the show wouldnt make any money , the true singers would simply walk thru to the finals , and am not thinking for 1 minute there were more votes for the dumbass queer with no idea

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