X Factor: Honey G ready to ‘settle down and have kids’ but she wants a Celebrity partner!

by Nick Barnes

Honey G has become the latest casualty of The X Factor 2016, and a lot of people will say it was about time she was voted off the show. Honey G has most definitely had fun on the show and she’s entertained a lot of people, but fundamentally The X Factor is a singing contest. Thus, as we approach the final couple of weeks, it’s only right that the best singers are still in the competition.

However, now that she has found fame on The X Factor, Honey G has revealed that she is looking to the future, and part of her future is hopefully to have children.

Many have questioned Honey G’s true reasoning for doing The X Factor this year – is it because she truly thinks she’s a good rapper, or was it more to do with the fame side of things? Well, she’ll no doubt have a lot of people talking with her latest comments as it sounds as though she doesn’t want an average Joe boyfriend… she wants a celebrity to hang on to.


“I’m still single and looking for love. I’m looking for someone to have kids with. I want to have kids very soon and settle down. I still haven’t found a long-term partner,” she said in her first TV interview since leaving the show on Lorraine.

She went on to add: “But I’m hoping to maybe pair off with a celebrity”.

It looks like a few months in the limelight really does get to some people’s heads, right?

X Factor 2016: Honey G


However, in another interview on This Morning on the same day, Honey G said that she would “love to meet someone who’s very caring, kind, loving [and] romantic. … Music now is going to be all of my life, so I’d have to be with someone who likes all my music”.

Well, we think the selection pool just dropped dramatically after that requirement…

The X Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV, and IT’S CHRISTMAAASSS!

Nick Barnes

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