X Factor: John Adeleye sings Zoom (VIDEO)

John Adeleye sang a song we had never heard of before on tonight’s X Factor show. The Over 28’s singer took on Zoom by Big Fat Larry’s Band. He liked it because it is ‘more fun and cheeky’ than his previous numbers and Louis Walsh admitted that he wanted to show the ‘fun side of John, the more smiley side.’

We loved Adeleye’s sparkly jacket and funky hairband tonight but as for a more fun song….it really wasn’t. After John’s intro we were expecting a full singing and dancing number, with a big stage production. What we got was an old boring track that no-one even remembers.

John can sing but if Mr W doesn’t start giving him decent songs, he isn’t going to last another fortnight on the ITV show.


SIMON COWELL: I was trying to concentrate and I’ll be honest with you….I remember watching a newscaster once and behind him two dogs were mating and it was so distracting. You were singing the horrible sing Louis gave you and you gave it everything you did but it was one of the most weirdest things I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s not your fault!

DANNII MINOGUE: You really gave it a good performance tonight. It’s not one of my favourite songs I’ll admit, but you sang it so well. It’s a difficult song to sing, I loved the fact that we got know you this week, you’re smiling and you’re having fun but what were those dancers doing across the stage. Louis it was so distracting.

LOUIS WALSH: It was Brian Friedman’s fault! I’m going to judge John on his vocal, his new hair and his new look. You came out tonight and you looked like a popstar. I loved the way you totally owned the stage, yes the dancers were a bit of a distraction, I realise that.

CHERYL COLE: Louis you’re the mentor in all fairness, if you wanted them taken out you should have said. That’s the beauty of you John, you always deliver. You don’t let things distract you. You’re always present and here and you deliver your vocals really really well and that’s all you need to do, the rest of it is up to Louis.

Lisa McGarry

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