X Factor judges houses: Lizzy Pattinson talks Robert support & knickers!

by Lisa McGarry

Lizzy Pattinson

Age: 31 From: Barnes
• Lizzy is a shy person but comes alive when she sings
• Turning 30 made her realise she needed to go for it and try to realize her singing ambition. She has been singing in local pubs and clubs for past 15 years and had some success within a dance band ‘Aurora’ when she was 18
• Lizzie currently works as a PA for a finance company
• Lizzy’s brother is Robert Pattinson

The story so far:

• Lizzy impressed the judges in her first room audition
• At the arena Simon wasn’t happy with her song choice and told her to improve for Boot Camp.

On Lizzy losing her voice at Judges’ Houses

“I started feeling ill the day before I left for Judges’ Houses, maybe subconsciously I was a bit nervous about everything. While I performed the higher range, I didn’t feel like I had any control. I didn’t know what note was going to come out.

On her brother’s support of her entering the show

lizzy and robert pattinson

“He is really excited about it all and he likes hearing about the behind the scenes detail, all the craziness of it all. I sent him a link of the song I am performing for Judges’ Houses and he said ‘that sounds really cool’. It
was quite an obscure choice and he thought it was a really good song.

On whether she is prepared for the level of fame her brother enjoys?:
“I have seen the great side of things through my brother but also the other stuff that comes with it. There are so few people who have that level of fame, I know my life wouldn’t be the same as his. I don’t think any girls are going to be throwing their knickers at me.

On Judges’ Houses:

“The six chair challenge was a blur for me. Going to Judges’ Houses is the biggest achievement for me so far but I feel like it will be an enjoyably traumatic experience. I’ve never opened up before so I feel like a snail that’s lost its shell”.

x factor 2014 judges

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