X Factor: Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd fall out over Cheryl Cole

Insiders have suggested that X Factor finalists Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel are no longer speaking.

The two singers appeared close when the live shows started earlier this month, but now they are said to be at each others throats after Katie accused Cher of getting preferential treatment from Cheryl Cole and Cher complained that Katie is too bossy and controlling.

A source told The Mirror:

“Cher says that Katie is far too opinionated and controlling and she’s fed up with the way she’s been throwing her weight around.

“But Katie has been claiming that it’s Cher who’s been getting ­preferential treatment. Cher has been given Cheryl Cole’s personal mobile number to call any time, whereas the other girls in her group don’t see Cheryl or have contact with her until Thursday or Friday.”

However in a video blog for the ITV website, Katie begged her fans to ignore reports about her in the media. She claims that there have been NO rows between her and her fellow female competitors, insisting that Cheryl’s girls are like one big ‘family unit.’ She said:

I just want to tell you all not to pay any attention to what’s going on in the press. It’s been really difficult to ignore it, because I personally think it’s gone one step too far. I want to clear some things up. There are no problems with me and the girls, me and the girls are absolutely fantastic. They have been so wonderful and supportive, that goes for Treyc, Rebecca and Cher and even Cheryl. We’re a really really great family unit and so is everybody in this house.

Katie impressed the judges tonight with her rendition of Etta James ‘I’d Rather Go Blind.’ After her performance, Simon Cowell said:

There is something about you that I really like. there’s a rawness, there’s an authenticity. I’m interested in you. I thought that was terrific.

After all this conflicting information we’d now like to hear what you think of Katie. Is she the fabulous ‘raw’ performer that Simon Cowell raves about? is she the bossy cow that The Mirror would have us believe? Or is she both? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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