X Factor: Katie Waissel denies Matt Cardle fling

The former boyfriend of X Factor finalist Katie Waissel has revealed that she denied press reports that she had been caught in bed with fellow contestant Matt Cardle.

Simeon Taylor told The Mirror that he was dating the 24 year old up until a few weeks ago, claiming that they met in the hair salon Katie worked in during the summer.

On the day he confronted the star on her reported romp with Matt, Simeon said:

“When I’d heard that Matt and Katie had supposedly been in bed together I phoned her. I was fuming, as you would expect.

“She said that it absolutely wasn’t true and that it was all lies – and I believed her.”

However just a few days later, Katie rang Simeon from the contestant’s North London mansion and ended their relationship. He revealed:

“Two days later Katie called me in the evening and said that she thought it was best that we stopped seeing each other.

“She said that we would see what happens after the competition finished. She wasn’t upset or crying – she was quite matter-of-fact about it. It came as a complete shock and I was really upset.

“The change in her was terrible, she went from texting 15 or 20 times a day with really loved-up messages to nothing. I wasn’t expecting it because we had been making plans for the future together.

“I tried to persuade her that we could make things work and told her that if she was struggling with the pressure I was there to help her. But she said she needed to focus on The X Factor – and since then she’s gone quiet.”

Simeon, 26 also shed some light on the panic attack that reportedly delayed filming on the X Factor charity single last week. Admitting that Katie regularly suffers from the scary episodes he said:

“She told me all about them before she went into the house. She starts struggling for breath and gasping for air, they’re terrifying. I can’t imagine how bad they are now she’s under all this extra pressure.”

Katie was almost eliminated from The X Factor last night, after she found herself in the bottom two once more….this time alongside fellow female contestant Treyc Cohen. Cheryl Cole refused to choose between the pair and Katie survived by the skin of her teeth when both Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh decided to save her.

Lisa McGarry

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