X Factor: Katie Waissel insists “I’m just a girl, I’m not fake!”

Katie Waissel made an emotional plea to X Factor viewers in her official video diary today.

The 24 year old has had a difficult week. After being placed in the bottom two on Sunday night’s show and forced to compete in the sing off against Belle Amie, Waissel reportedly suffered from debilitating panic attacks which led to the filming of the X Factor charity single being delayed.

Speaking to the show’s official website, Katie hit out at claims that she is engaged in attention seeking behaviour, insisting ‘I’m just a girl.” She went on to beg fans of the show to ignore the rumours and just concentrate on her singing.

She said:

“I’m still only human, I keep saying I’m just a girl. I’m not an actress, I’m not fake and I’ve got no hidden agenda and when I sing, just take it for what it is. I know I’m not the best singer in the world but I have a passion and I really feel like I deserve to be here.”

Speaking about her sing off performance of Etta James’ ‘Trust In Me’, Katie admitted that she thinks the song worked, because she was ‘content’ with it. Does that imply that she wasn’t happy with Cheryl’s previous song choices? She said:

“I saw a quote somewhere saying “Music is where there is harmony,” and I read that to mean that when you’re happy and when you’re content with something that you’re going to sing and you believe in it and you believe the words and the story that’s been written, then it works.

Even though I like to have fun, I want to be taken seriously as well. So I think that when it came to my save me song, it kind of saved my dignity again.”

Katie finished the diary saying:

“I know that this video diary hasn’t been the happiest but I can’t help if I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Do you feel bad for Katie? Has she plucked your heart strings? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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