X Factor: Katie Waissel record ‘Moving Mountains’ was released in America last week! (LISTEN HERE)

by Lisa McGarry

Katie Waissel has reportedly double crossed X Factor bosses and allowed a record which features her vocals to be released in America.

Simon Cowell bought Katie out of her record deal with LA based Chamberlain Records earlier this year and the 24 year old was ordered to cut all ties with the company. However a track on which her vocals are featured was released by the company last week on an album by singer-songwriter David Reed. The song titled Moving Mountains can be heard below.

A source told The Sun: “Katie is supposed to have severed all ties with Chamberlain – but it’s nonsense. She’s still in contact with them and they’re still releasing music by her.

“She might have hoped this would slip under the radar, but it’s a bit foolish.”

The move is set to further anger viewers who were already enraged when Katie survived her fourth sing off last night while former show favourite Aiden Grimshaw was eliminated.

Insiders say that Katie was sure that last week would be her final one on The X Factor, meaning that she would miss the chance to participate in the follow up nationwide tour. She had therefore decided to re-invent herself once more as Lola Fontaine and move to America to further her music career.

The source added: “Katie is really fed up. All she wants is a music career and she feels that won’t happen in the UK as people won’t buy her records. She thinks it might be wise to cut her losses and go back to the States.

“She liked living in LA when she had a reality show there and her reputation isn’t tarnished there.

“But it won’t please Simon Cowell because he likes her quirkiness and wants to work with her.”

An X Factor spokesman said of Katie’s US track: “We were unaware of this until today.”

But an insider insisted:

“As it’s simply a duet on another person’s album there is no reason it would affect Katie’s place in the show.”

Apologies, Katie fans *smirk*, but YouTube have now removed the video in question. If anybody else has a link they want to share with us, let us know!

Lisa McGarry

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