X Factor: Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson is glad she opened up about ‘insecurities’

Jesy Nelson has admitted that while she was worried at first about sharing her insecurities with the world on last week’s X factor show, she’s now glad she was brave enough to speak out.

The Little mix singer was seen crying on last week’s episode of the ITV series, over personal comments made about her weight and looks on Twitter and forums the week before.

However, she won a lot of support from fans and received a lot of encouragement online and admitting that the reaction to her admission had been largely positive, she told ITV.com:

At first when I was talking about my insecurities to the camera, I felt really stupid and didn’t want to do it, but now I feel a lot better because a lot of girls have wrote in and said on Twitter that they can relate to me. They look up to me and think I’m an inspiration. It’s really lovely. I feel quite good about it now and I’ve had a lot of lovely feedback and it’s made me feel really positive about myself.

The girl group are also elated, not just by their fan’s support for Jesy but also about the fact that they have lasted five weeks on the show, longer than any female band before them.

They added:

After making it through last week, we have officially broken the curse of the girlbands. We still think that there’s a lot Little Mix have to offer, there’s a lot people haven’t seen of us yet and we’re really excited to bring it all out.

The last thing we want is to be predictable so from now on were going to keep on coming out with surprises.

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Lisa McGarry

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