X Factor: Louis Walsh accuses Simon Cowell of favouring One Direction over Belle Amie

The X Factor feuds kicked up a level tonight as judge Louis Walsh attacked fellow panel member (and his boss!) Simon Cowell and accused him of neglecting one of his acts.

Belle Amie took to the stage and sang ‘I’ll Stand By You’, after admitting that they weren’t happy with the song Cowell chose for them. He told them to make all their own decisions regarding tonight’s performance and before they sang Cheryl Cole blasted:

“What’s the point of having a mentor, if you’re going to do it all yourself?”

However after the girls sang, Louis Walsh hit out at Cowell, insisting that the girls “are potentially a really great girl band” but adding that their mentor has been neglecting them. He said:

Well I think you are potentially a really great girl band but you’ve got a problem, you’re on your own in this competition.

Simon is putting all his energies into boyband One Direction and it’s not fair. It’s not fair and that’s why you picked that song. It wasn’t a great song choice but what were you to do? You’ve no mentor. It’s not right.

Simon retaliated, saying that Louis’ act John Adeleye should have taken a leaf from Belle Amie’s book and chosen his own song too. He said:

Louis why do you have to be so nasty, unpleasant and bitchy. The girls wanted to make their own song decision, they are not puppets. In fact John should have done exactly what the girls did.

To the girls he added:

It wasn’t the most original version in the world but the important thing was it showed that you’re a group, that you can make your own decisions, that you’re good singers and I think you did great.

Do you think Simon neglects Belle Amie? Is he all wrapped up in One Direction? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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