X Factor: Louis Walsh says Mary Byrne won’t win….Matt Cardle will!

by Elaine

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has betrayed his own act Mary Byrne and admitted that she won’t win the competition.

The Irish star was speaking on ITV2’s Xtra Factor and hitting back at Cheryl Cole, who is sure she has a chance of scoring a hat trick and winning the show for the third time.

He told Konnie Huq:

“I think she’s got competition”

“I’m talking about Dannii’s boys. I think one of Dannii’s boys will win the competition.

“I think Matt’s going to win.”

When the other judges looked at him incredulously he added:

“I think Matt’s going to win but Mary will be in the final!”

“I’m just being honest. It’s a rare word in the music business… Mary will be in the final.

“I’m going to work hard and surprise.”

He would need to start surprising us, because so far Mary has sang the same genre of song week after week. Simon Cowell blasted Walsh for his bad song choices on Saturday’s show saying:

“I do agree with what Dannii said, you can’t come out here every week and do pretty much the same song. You’re going to be around for a long time and I think you’ve got to show a different side. Louis you’ve got to use a bit of imagination.”

It’s easy to see why Louis is backing Matt to win. Last week the former painter and decorator took a cheesy Britney Spears song and turned it into a contemporary, acoustic number. After he sang ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time,’ Louis Walsh raved:

“Wow everybody loves it here. When I first saw you at the audition I never imagined you doing a Britney song but you did a pop classic and made it your own. I think that version could be a number one record again. I love that you’re not predictable and you take a chance. Matt you are unique in every way.”