X Factor: Mary Byrne sang for her late mum and dad last week

by Lisa McGarry

Mary Byrne has admitted that she got so upset on last week’s X Factor show, because her emotional ballad made her think of her late mum and dad.

The mum of one was visibly shaken after her rendition of ‘There You’ll Be’ from the American war movie ‘Pearl Harbour.’ The performance was below par and afterwards she admitted:

I don’t know. I haven’t been in the zone at all this week. I’m quite low, and lonely for my daughter. I’m very nervous tonight and I don’t know why.

Speaking in her official video diary this week, the Dublin singer confessed that she ‘couldn’t believe’ how sad she felt on the show. She said:

Saturday for me was a downer, because of the way I felt. I was so low, I couldn’t believe how I felt. The song, I couldn’t hear the beginning so I started it wrong but I got it back at the end, gave it all the power I had and thought of my mother and Father.

That’s what made me really sad. I didn’t do the best I could, but it was down to tiredness and just feeling low. I’d just had my birthday and I missed my daughter and it just all got on top of me. But let’s hope I’ll be back this week to fight on and keep going.

Mary also revealed that musical talent runs in her family, admitting that her mum, dad and most of her siblings have been blessed with good singing voices. She said:

My mother and father sang, my dad was a real country singer and my mother sang a lot of Vera Lynn during the war. All my family sing but there’s only me and my brother who have really gone into it as a career. He does a lot of cabaret at home.

Watch Mary’s full video diary below and if you want to know what she’ll be singing on this week’s Elton John themed show, click here.

Lisa McGarry

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