X Factor: Mary Byrne breaks down after ‘There You’ll Be’ (VIDEO)

Mary Byrne sang a classic tearjerker on tonight’s X Factor show.

The 50 year old mum of one was given Faith Hill’s ‘There You’ll Be,’ for her American Anthem. The tune became famous after it’s inclusion on the soundtrack for the 2001 American war movie ‘Pearl Harbour.’

Weirdly, Mary who can normally sing anything started the song with quite obvious tuning issues. We don’t know if they key was an awkward one for her or if there was a problem with her ear piece but to be honest, tonight Mary was worse than Jedward ever were! She knew it too and it was an uncomfortable performance from beginning to end. Cringe, cringe, cringe!

Judges Comments:
Dannii Minogue: What was really interesting tonight is that we’re down to the top ten and you can see what it means to everyone. Tonight it didn’t feel like you were inside the song. people love you and you give everyone strength, the only one that can win this for you is you and the only one that can get in your way is you. I want to see your strength back.

Cheryl Cole:
I agree with Dannii. You seem very emotional tonight and not yourself but I hope you’re still here next week and we see you back.

Simon Cowell: I thought you sang it pretty well Mary.

Louis Walsh: You are the peoples champion. You are a real person, with real talent and you’re living your dream.

Close to tears, Mary confided in presenter Dermot O’Leary that she has had an awful week. She said:

I don’t know. I haven’t been in the zone at all this week. I’m quite low, and lonely for my daughter. I’m very nervous tonight and I don’t know why.

What did you think of Mary tonight? Will you be voting for her? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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