X Factor News Roundup: Simon Cowell scared of Cheryl Cole’s reaction but thinks she ‘needs’ a comeback!

by Lisa McGarry

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Simon Cowell is reportedly feeling rather nervous about the launch of his new West End musical I can’t sing, mostly because he’s concerned over how Cheryl Cole will react.

The Geordie star famously fell out with the X Factor boss after he sacked her from the US version of the show in 2011 and it took her almost a year to open up the lines of communication again.

It’s been reported that she met with the music mogul this week and has 99% confirmed her X Factor return for the 2014 series, however Simon is worried he may have shot himself in the foot by allowing the Promise This star to be mocked in his brand new stage show.

One character will be named ‘Jordy’ and is clearly based on Ms Cole and Cowell told The Sunday Times Culture:

“Cheryl is going to kill me when she sees it.”

“I mean, seriously, I’m going to get it in the neck.”


I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical has been penned by TV Burp’s Harry Hill and will star Nigel Harman as Si Co. Despite it being a massive piss take of his most successful television format, Cowell was happy to provide financial backing for the show. He even promised Harry that he wouldn’t change a word of his script, even if things get personal.

Meanwhile, as it looks more and more likely that Cheryl will be returning to The X Factor this June, Cowell told The Daily Star that he thinks she needs the show as much as it needs her.

The talent competition has suffered from falling ratings and ever diminishing audience share for the past few years and it’s though that Cowell is desperate to get things back on an even keel.


He’s hoping to match the high ratings achieved by The Voice this year and insiders say he’s planning to add Cheryl along with Rita Ora to the lineup in a bid to boost the numbers.

However the new dad insists signing a new contract will be just as beneficial to Chez as it is to him and told the newspaper:

“I think she would be crazy to turn it down ….She needs the show, but then we need her too….”

“Is she still the nation’s sweetheart? She hasn’t been on TV for three years so who knows.”

Earlier this morning we reported that the brunette beauty met with Cowell in LA a few days ago and has all but inked her deal.

It’s been claimed that she’s demanding a £2 million pay packet, the use of Simon’s private jet and an unlimited budget for her live show wardrobe.

Nice work if you can get it eh?

Lastly Cheryl instigated a few giggles on Twitter today, when she revealed her horror at the discovery that there’s more than one Simon Cowell in the world.

‘Oh god no! Even ones too many!’ she tweeted along with a picture of another man, with the same moniker as the X Factor boss.

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