X Factor: Nicole Lawrence sings for her dad

by Lisa McGarry


Care Worker Nicole makes her X Factor debut tomorrow night and admits that she is singing for her dad, who recently passed away.

Nicole told Dermot:

“Well for years and years I use to sing with my dad at people’s weddings and we used to do the old Nat King Cole kind of things, then I’d get the party going with a bit of Gloria Gaynor and things like that. If I can get the opportunity to maybe one day sing with a full orchestra at the Albert Hall then that would just be unbelievable. You get one life, I’ve really just got to get out there and find my dream.”

“My dad was just the most incredible man you would ever meet. He was my best friend; it’s just been so tough being without him. For so many years it’s just been the two of us and now obviously part of that has been taken away, although I’d lost my dad and it was just so hard, singing I had to do to get me through it.”

Nicole goes onto the stage to face the Judges and explain about her singing history with her father and why she is here today;

Simon: Let me ask you a question Nicole, you’re thirty one so why haven’t things worked out for you musically in the past few years?

Nicole: I’ve done a lot of singing in pubs and clubs and weddings, and I did a lot of work with my father who was also a singer, and we were kind of like a little duet that we used to go around and do things together. My father passed away at Christmas and before he passed away he encouraged me to come for the X Factor.

Nicole: Obviously now that he passed away, I’m on my own, I’ve got to do things and I think that X Factor could really be a great opportunity for me.

Simon: Well good luck Nicole

Nicole performs ‘Take A Little Piece of My Heart’ by Janis Joplin but Simon questions her song choice and asks her to sing any song she has prepared telling her; “I want you to forget for a moment that you are singing in some crumby club, just imagine you were born with this voice today, forget all the performance, just sing the song”

Will this second performance be the one to sail her through to bootcamp?

Lisa McGarry

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