X Factor: Rebecca Ferguson swoons as she reveals she almost ‘gave up on men’ but then found the man of her dreams

by Nick Barnes


The X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson has been a little unlucky in love in the past and she even considered giving up on men altogether… until that one man gave her faith in the male population once again.

It was one of those DVD nights in that turned into well… not watching much of the DVD anyway that changed everything for Ferguson.

She revealed to Mirror Online that she’d invited one of her close friends around to watch a DVD, it was all above board, and then she was surprised when he made a move on her as she thought he was interested in a friend of hers.

It all sounds too Glee and High School Movie-ish, doesn’t it?

She sad: “He leaned in for a kiss and I realised he liked me. We’ve known each other for years and I always thought he liked my friend not me, so I didn’t bother.

“We’ve been together for a year now. He’s lovely and he looks after the kids. He goes fishing with my son” – n’aww, how sweet.

Rebecca Ferguson

But, before that one special night, Rebecca revealed that she almost gave up on men! WHAAAT!

She continued: “It’s been a year and I’ve learned a lot. Mainly that love and happiness can be different and there are two types of love. There’s the love where you get infatuated with each other and you get butterflies, which is always a bit unhealthy.

“And there’s a practical love, where you care about each other deeply, have the same outlook and can see yourself marrying. I think I’ve found that with my partner now and I’m over the moon.”

Unfortunately, Rebecca Ferguson is keeping the identity of her man under wraps… just in case anyone tries to steal him. Actually, we made that last bit up. She also said that he’s not even a bit showbiz…

We’re glad Rebecca is happy and it must have been a very happy Christmas in the Ferguson household. If it ever goes stale, there’s always Celebrity Big Brother… it worked for Sophie Anderton’s love life.


Nick Barnes

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