X Factor roundup: Cheryl Cole gets the giggles, Simon Cowell WON’T exploit his son & more…

by Lisa McGarry
Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl Cole has been hanging out with her new mate Ellie Goulding this week and the pair were snapped having a fit of giggles at a very serious fashion show on Saturday.

The ladies bagged themselves some pretty decent front row seats at Roberto Cavalli’s Milan Fashion Week show at the weekend and were joined by Les Miserables’ actress Samantha Barks for the occasion.

We don’t know what funny quip Chez came out with, or perhaps one of the models farted as they passed, but whatever happened it was clearly enough to have Miss Ellie chuckling like a toddler, as you can see from the snap she posted to Instagram.

The blonde beauty captioned her funny photo saying:

“Cheryl being very lovely and funny and making me laugh as always #Cavalli.”

Cole looked slightly more composed than her pal, but perhaps she was just too busy eyeing up the talent, as she later tweeted:

“Italian guys are hot! 😳”


It’s been reported this week that Cheryl is almost ready to confirm her big X Factor return, after ironing out the finer details of her new contract with Simon Cowell in LA last week.

Insiders say she’s demanded a £2 million pay deal, an unlimited wardrobe budget and the use of his private jet.

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Cowell reportedly granted all her requests, but then he does seem to be turning a little soft in his old age…..perhaps it’s being a new father that’s leading to the thaw.

simon cowell baby eric

The music mogul, who launches ‘I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical’ this week, was elated when girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to his first son, Eric, on Valentines Day and in a recent interview with The Sunday Times newspaper’s Culture magazine he admitted that he’d love to make the tot a star one day. He’s not going to be his usual pushy self though and insisted:

“I’ll give it a year. I don’t want to exploit him too early.”

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More evidence of his melting heart came as it was reported that the Britain’s Got Talent boss hired himself a dog expert to help his two pups adjust to sharing his attention with the new baby.

It’s said that Simon and Lauren have doted on furballs Squiddly and Diddly since buying them in October and want to make sure the pooches aren’t upset by the new arrival.

The expert’s tips have included getting the dogs to sleep with one of Eric’s blankets and it’s said he even bought the star dogs cashmere sweaters and leather snow boots to help them cope with the freezing temperatures in New York.

We want Si Co to adopt us now!

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