X Factor: Simon Cowell apologised for sacking Yvie Burnett

Scottish vocal coach Yvie Burnett has revealed that Simon Cowell apologised for sacking her from the X Factor.

Yvie first joined the show in Series 2 as Louis Walsh’s vocal coach and coached Shayne Ward to success as the series winner. In 2005, as well as working with Louis with groups, Yvie also coached Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne’s acts. Since then she has worked with all the show’s finalists as well as assisting both Britain’s and America’s Got Talent vocalists.

However earlier this year Cowell told Yvie that she was being replaced by Ali Tennant and he only rehired her three days before the live shows, when it became clear that the new vocal coach wasn’t working out.

On returning to The X Factor, Yvie told The Daily Record:

“Simon has apologised. He was lovely. He said, ‘Welcome back and I’m so happy you are back. Let’s get on with it and we really needed you’.

“I can’t go up to him and say, ‘Tell me exactly why you did that.’

“It was a very hard time for me because you feel, ‘What have I done?’ There wasn’t a major fall-out.

“He had decided I was going to concentrate on other shows and have a total new team doing everything from styling to hair and make-up. It was going to be a different team.

“It’s not as if he’s never changed anything. We have had three judges, four judges, the stage, the live auditions.

“Every year they have tried to evolve it and not having me was just another change.

“Whoever was going to be doing it didn’t work out, and they realised total change wasn’t possible and I came back in.”

On whether she will join Cowell on his new American version of The X Factor, Yvie added:

“No one really knows what’s going on with that. It’s the weirdest thing.

“At the moment, I work for him in America and the UK and I will go wherever I’m asked.”

Lisa McGarry

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