X Factor: Simon Cowell apologises to Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole over book revelations

Simon Cowell has admitted that he lay low for the last week, embarrassed about the rveelations made in an unauthorised biography about his life.

The Britain’s Got Talent boss allowed author Tom Bowers access to his private life but didn’t realise the extent of the material he had dug up along with what he had revealed himself and so when last week it was reported that Simon once had a hot and heavy fling with Dannii Minogue and lusted after Cheryl Cole, he was understandably surprised and embarrassed, as were the ladies involved.

Last night the music mogul issued an apology to ‘anyone I embarrassed’, which we are assuming includes both former X Factor judges, as well as contestants who were reportedly bullied by the TV boss and his ex Terri Seymour, who was said to be humiliated when it became public knowledge that he cheated on her with Mezhgan Hussainy.

Speaking at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens last night, Cowell looked quite humbled and said:

‘I want to publicly apologise to anybody I embarrassed because I have tried to keep my private life quiet a bit and I do have to apologise to certain people and certain members of my family. That’s the score.’

It seems the book was as hard on Simon as it was on the other people named and shamed as he admitted that he spent days in bed last week, trying to come to terms with all the stories.

Cowell added:

‘I will be honest with you, I spent last week under a pillow in my bedroom. Newspapers were literally banned for a week.

‘I always know how bad things are when my head of TV sends me these really sweet message saying “are you OK”, which means it’s really bad.’

It was claimed last week that Simon was furious with ITV bosses and considered taking The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent from the channel, because he felt they were not being supportive enough in the wake of his personal troubles.

On the flipside, some insiders said ITV bosses were livid with the star, for bringing down the names of their shows and insisted that he hired back family friendly singer Gary Barlow for The X Factor as a means of keeping the controversy to a minimum.

Simon also admitted last night that he is a bit of a changed man, because ten years ago, when his journey to fame was only just beginning, he would have loved the thought of a kiss and tell book being written about him.

He laughed:

‘If someone had said to me ten yeas ago “there’s going to be a book written about you about you making loads of money and shagging loads of girls”, I would have gone: “great – that’s why I’m in the music business”‘.

How times change!

Cheryl Cole admitted yesterday, during a chat on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 breakfast show that she and Simon Cowell are still in touch, despite reports that they hadn’t spoken since he sacked her from The X Factor USA.

The music mogul reached out to her on Twitter last week, praising her new single ‘Call My Name.’

Dannii Minogue however has remained quiet and has not addressed the book or it’s claims in public at all.

Lisa McGarry

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