The X Factor: Simon Cowell’s adamant Cheryl Cole will return next year, He says, “We have to find a way”

by Nick Barnes
cheryl cole

cheryl cole

Where there’s a reality TV show willing to fork out millions of pounds per year… there’s a way and according to Simon Cowell, he’s going to get Cheryl Cole back on the panel of The X Factor.

Little over a week ago, Sam Bailey was crowned the winner of the 2013 series of The X Factor, but now this year’s competition is all done and dusted, Simon Cowell is looking to the future by pestering Cheryl Cole to return next year.

Both Cowell and Cole had a massive bust-up back in 2010 after he promised her the world. He took her over to America with him to launch the US version of The X Factor and everything was looking rosy for Chezza. Well… that’s until Cowell dropped her like a bag of bricks just a few days into filming.

Since then, Chezza has launched legal proceedings against the production company, claiming she is owed money for the second season. It is said her contract contained a pay-or-play clause which means she would be compensated even if she did not return for the second run of the show. In total, it is thought she was paid a sum of £1.4 million in an out-of-court settlement.

And, since then, she and Cowell haven’t been on speaking terms, but it would seem that Cowell has managed to paper over some of the cracks.

Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow The X Factor

The Mirror reports Cowell saying that he will “find a way” to get Cole back on the panel next year as he thinks she’s a great judge, and more importantly, she’ll save those falling ratings…

Cowell said: “She was a really, realy good judge. I mean, she took what she did seriously. She used to ring me almost every night – one, two three o’clock in the morning, talking about songs and what she should be doing.

“That’s the kind of judge you want to be working with on these shows, because they really care”

Well Simon, I hate to break it to you, but if Chezza starts ringing you at that ungodly hour when the baby arrives, you may well end up sacking her all over again.

The music mogul added: “We have to find a way because we had a lot of fun…”

Since exiting the British version of the show in 2010, Cole returned to help Gary Barlow at the judges’ houses part of the show.

Nick Barnes

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