X Factor: Sinitta supports Gamu Nhengu in Twitter rant!

Simon Cowell’s X Factor sidekick Sinitta took to her Twitter page last night, to vent about Gamu Nhengu not making the final twelve.

Cheryl Cole’s judges houses segment was filmed weeks ago and since Sinitta assisted Cowell at his, you would presume that she’d be privy to the full list before us nobodies. But apparently the news was all new to the So Macho singer and when Ms Cole chose to keep Katie Waissel and send Gamu home, she started bombarding her followers, writing:

“Aaaaarrrrggh. Cheryl Noooo!!”

“WHAT????????!!! GAMUuUuuuuuuu!!! I’m gutted!!!! Gutted for GAmu.”

“Well done katie!! …still stunned about GAMU, what is wrong with tweedy pie??”

“What the hell happened?!! I need a tranquilizer… stunned..great day turned into a BAD night,,can’t get over that.”

“I know S delibearately keeps some things from me to get a reaction,but he missed a full on thunderstorm tonight! I’m a tornado!”

“I want somebody to realize..I have never even met her, so its not personal..but she touched me!I think we threw a super star away…ugh.”

“Sorry,have to get it off my chest boring everyone to death- anyone who cares.I need to SLAP TWEEDYS butt for not putting Gamu through!”

“I love the girls but 2 of them were unable to bring it on the day…but GAmu was incredible…I love you T-P but you and me outside now!”

Sinitta must have received a stern text from her boss/ex boyfriend/benefactor Simon at this point, as she tried to retract her previous fury and claimed that actually she really loves her little ‘Tweedy-Pie’! She wrote:

“Ok, reaching down twitter lines to retract those Tweedy-Pie tweets..she’s the judge,not me…I know,I know, I KNOW!!”

“Still Love tweedypie! Would be moaning if it was S too! Last year I supported Jedward even when he couldn’t stand that act! Look I Love tweedy pie I was just…. Gobsmacked and sick about it!”

“no WaaaaY! This is silly! Its her choice! We love. CC, just having a tantrum about the choices, deep breath everyone!!”

After reading all this vocal diarrhoea, we are surprised that Simon Cowell didn’t stick to his guns and sack Sinitta when he had the chance! She is a total, attention seeking liability but even we have to admit that the world of Twitter would be a less interesting place without her.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!