X Factor split? Matt Terry snubs Freddy Parker after fans claim they’re a gay couple!

Matt Terry, Freddy Parker

Could this year’s X Factor’s big bromance be over? Matt Terry was spotted snubbing Freddy Parker at a showbiz event this week and fans have been left feeling a little confused.

The boys were almost inseparable when competing on the show. They were so close that at the end of the series, many supporters assumed they were the secret gay couple that the media was having a field day writing about.

After some X Factor viewers claimed that they spotted the lads kissing, Matt went public however and insisted that he is a) straight and b) purely platonic friends with Freddy.

Now it seems that friendship is on the rocks.

Matt Terry, Freddy Parker

The pair had been living together since December but insiders told The Daily Star that Freddy moved out of the London apartment this week. Onlookers also claimed that Matt was eager to avoid him, when they both attended the Cadbury’s Creme Egg Hunting Lodge launch party a few days ago.

It’s reported that Matt headed straight to the VIP tent, only to see Freddy at the bar. This forced him to turn on his heel and linger outside.

Parker has tried to play down the whole furore and told the newspaper: “I moved out yesterday and I’ve gone back home to Kent,” he explained.

“I think the main reason I moved to London was because I was here every single day when left the show doing stuff.

He continued: “After a month I realised it just wasn’t worth the money.

“At the time it seemed like a fun idea but looking back on it I was just a bit naive to think that was fine.”

Freddy also denied that there has been a falling out between him and Matt but failed to offer a decent reason for why they seemed to be avoiding each other for the whole evening.

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