X Factor: Stacey Solomon left her baby daddy ‘heartbroken and in utter pieces’

by Lisa McGarry

stacey solomon

X Factor singer Stacey Solomon is often portrayed as a dippy easy going girl from Dagenham, however the mum of her ex boyfriend claims that she is actually ruthless and manipulative and that she broke her son’s heart.

Dean Cox is the father of Stacey’s toddler son Zac. The pair split just months after the tot was born and his mum claims that Stacey broke his heart when she cruelly dumped him.

Tracy Cox told The News Of The World:

“That girl is not what she seems. She has brought a lot of hurt on this family.

“I had to nurse Dean back to health because she had broken his heart. She really had broken him. It was like suddenly he was 90 years old.”

She continued:

“As much as I would love to reveal everything she has done, there’s not much I can say because Dean’s asked me not to. Even now he is being loyal to her because he’s a decent bloke.

“He doesn’t want to hurt Stacey, and most importantly, doesn’t want to do anything that would hurt Zac.”

Deans friend also talked of how besotted he was with Stacey and how badly she treated him in return.

He said:

“Dean is quite a joker, and Stacey found him hilarious. Dean was delighted when Stacey got pregnant. But soon after Zac came along, she was off on holiday with her girlfriends and Dean was the last thing on her mind.

“Yet he was still devoted to her. At her 19th birthday party last year, Dean sat in the corner with Zac so Stacey could dance the night away.

“When they broke up earlier this year, Dean was an absolute mess. I’ve never seen a man so heartbroken.

“And then Stacey goes on the X Factor and claims she and her mum are the only ones looking after Zac, when it isn’t true at all.

“He has to hear about things like her fling with the American fireman. It has been really tough. His family are desperate to reveal everything Stacey put him through, but Dean’s banned them from saying anything.”

As the final female left on The X Factor, could this story hurt Stacey’s chances on the show?

Lisa McGarry

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