X Factor: Storm Lee – “If this was a real singing show I would have won”

Storm Lee, now with Phoenix hair...

Ejected X Factor contestant Storm Lee has dismissed the programme as ‘not a singing show’ and criticised mentor Louis Walsh for failing to connect with him.

The 37-year-old failed to impress the public with his version of Bruce Springsteen classic ‘Born to Run’ and lost Sunday’s vote, along with Simon Cowell’s group Diva Fever.

Speaking to X Magazine, Storm suggested he is “too creative” to have succeeded, and spoke of his joy at being axed.

“If this was a real singing show, I would have won. I’m the most versatile singer out of all of the contestants. That’s not me being arrogant, but I realised early on that it’s not a singing show, it’s a popularity competition.

“I feel really relieved to be out, actually. Right from the start I was pushing against a lot of factors that were really against me, and I knew, quite early on, that I was probably a bit too creative for the show, a bit too polished and too self-realised.

“I don’t feel like Louis…I feel like he connects with Mary, connects with John, probably connects in a kooky way with Wagner, but I feel Louis and I hadn’t connected the way I thought or hoped we would.

Storm believes he has a bright future ahead of him now his competition is over and added that he is proud to have made it as far as he did, something he feels bigger stars may not have done.

“I feel like I’ve won without winning, by being visible to millions and millions of people who actually liked me.

“That’s what makes music so brilliant for me. I really believe there’s room for everyone. All those artists I love like Lady Gaga, Prince, Madonna, they maybe wouldn’t have got this far, and I feel really proud.”

You can read more from Storm Lee, as well as Diva Fever, in this week’s issue of X Magazine, which is available to buy in outlets nationwide from Wednesday.

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