X Factor USA: Simon Cowell sings & Kelly Rowland teases “I knew that voice was always there!” (VIDEO)

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Simon Cowell has been bossing people about on TV singing shows for more than a decade now so how is it that we have never actually heard him sing?

Well that could all be about to change, because during a recent audition session for The X Factor USA he took a mic and crooned for the crowd and his fellow judges seem to think he was pretty good.

The music mogul was in Denver for what he later described as being the ‘worst day’ of tryouts ever and in a teaser for the new series he is urged to showcase his own vocal skills, when one older man takes to the stage and sings with what sounds like a British accent.

Demi Lovato starts the joking when she tells the tuneless hopeful that he sounds like what she imagine Simon sounds like when singing. The young star tried to persuade Cowell to join in and though he refused, the crew started the backing music again, while Kelly Rowland rushed to the stage to grab a mic and deliver it to her boss.

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It seems that SiCo really did sing along, but unfortunately the scene is cut from the video with Cowell later joking ‘that will never air.’ We are hoping he’s wrong, because let’s face it, that could be a great ratings draw.

Backstage, Simon comments that he was merely impersonating another singer, which doesn’t actually count as singing in his own right, however Demi insists:

“I think it’s charming, but he wants to be modest about his incredible vocal.”

Paulina Rubio agrees with her young co-star, adding:

“He did it great.”

Kelly teases:

“I knew that voice was always there.”

x factor usa judges

Despite moaning about Denver in the video below, Simon was slightly more positive when he tweeted about the auditions last night. He said:

“Denver was great. Auditions…fantastic. Strange. Weird. But overall we had a great time and found some potential stars.”

However he had more to worry about than what people thought of his singing and added:

“And when I land in la straight to the dentists. Gulp”

“The X Factor USA” will premiere Wednesday, September 11 at 8 P.M. Are you excited? Leave your comments below…

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