X Factor USA: Simon Cowell thinks Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio & Demi Lovato’s season will be best yet!

x factor usa judges

Cowell has started filming for the new season of X Factor USA and the boss is pretty hopeful about the forthcoming series.

Ratings for last year’s run were poor and in December, the two-hour finale in which Tate Stevens was crowned winner was loaded with big named stars and celebrities but only attracted 9.6 million viewers, down 18 percent from its first season finale in which Melanie Amaro won the $5 million record deal.

Cowell had famously admitted that he’d hoped the show to be pulling an an average of 20 million per week so the drop was a huge disappointment to him, however he thinks things will be better in 2013.

First of all the music mogul has changed up his panel. Gone are Britney Spears and L.A. Reid and joining he and Demi Lovato instead are Latin singer Paulina Rubio and former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland.

x factor usa judges

After a few rounds of auditions, Simon thinks she’s gotten the mix right and admitted:

“Something has definitely changed this year, I don’t know what it is. The first two years we were learning to make the show but we never really made the show I wanted to make.”

Speaking to Fox News he added:

“This year something has clicked, something has changed. I am feeling more confident. I am definitely not going to predict any numbers [but] I’ve got a good feeling.”

Tweeting about the tryouts recently, Simon revealed that viewers can expect some very weird footage when the show returns and posted:

“Some of the auditions in New Orleans were just great. Some were horrendous. But we had a great time.”

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He added:

“I thought X factor would be fun this year with me and three girls on the panel. Be careful what you wish for! It’s different……And I love it. A very different show this year. I’d does feel time for a change.”

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