X Factor Wildcards: Fans think Treyc Cohen will go far!

Will there be four wildcards, will there be one, will Gamu be back or will she be gone? There’re lots of question marks over what lies ahead in this year’s X Factor but the biggest question is probably which of the so-called Wild cards will progress the furthest.

Paddy Power are now giving their punters the opportunity to take a ‘wild’ guess on this year’s X Factor and bet on which of this year’s rejects will progress the furthest as wildcards. Cheryl’s Treyc Cohen and Dannii’s Paije Richardson are the 13/8 joint favourites to progress the furthest from the list of potential wildcards.

And eighteen year-old Gamu Nhengu is still listed as a possible wildcard despite reports that she is due to be deported.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power, explained: “Our punters don’t know whether they’re coming or going this year. The rumours vary from day to day and it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen. We’re hoping that by offering betting on which of the possible wildcards will go the furthest we might get some indication as to who we can expect to see back on the stage on Saturday night!”

Paddy Power remain the only bookmaker offering betting on Gamu to win X-Factor ‘with a run’ which means Paddy Power punters will have their losing bet refunded on Gamu if she does not take part in the live finals.

Painter and decorator Matt Cardle is the 11/4 favourite to win the show outright with scouse beauty Rebecca Ferguson not far behind at 4/1.

Which of the possible wildcards will progress the furthest?
13/8 Treyc Cohen
13/8 Paije Richardson
10/3 Gamu Nhengu
5/1 Diva Fever
12/1 Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho
20/1 Husstle
25/1 The Reason
25/1 Marlon McKenzie
33/1 Elesha Moses
33/1 Keri Arrindell
40/1 Raquel Thomas
40/1 Tom Richards
40/1 Yuli Minguel
40/1 John Wilding
66/1 Karl Brown
80/1 Annastasia Baker
80/1 Princes and Rogues
80/1 Twem
100/1 Justin Vanderhyde
200/1 Stephen Hunter

X Factor Outright Winner
11/4 Matt Cardle
7/2 Gamu Nhengu (with a run)
4/1 Rebecca Ferguson
9/2 1 Direction
8/1 Cher Lloyd
10/1 Aiden Grimshaw
20/1 John Adeleye
20/1 TreyC Cohen
25/1 Mary Byrne
25/1 Nicolo Festa
25/1 Belle Amie
33/1 Katie Waissel
33/1 The Reason
33/1 Storm Lee
33/1 Paije Richardson
33/1 F.Y.D.
50/1 Husstle
50/1 Marlon McKenzie
66/1 Elesha Moses
66/1 Keri Arrindell
100/1 Diva Fever
150/1 Annastasia Baker
150/1 Raquel Thomas
150/1 Tom Richards
150/1 Yuli Minguel
200/1 John Wilding
200/1 Karl Brown
250/1 Princes and Rogues
250/1 Twem
250/1 Justin Vanderhyde
250/1 Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho
300/1 Stephen Hunter

Winning Judge
13/8 Dannii (Boys)
7/4 Cheryl (Girls)
5/2 Simon (Groups)
8/1 Louis (28 & overs)

First Judge Eliminated
8/11 Louis
4/1 Simon
4/1 Dannii
9/2 Cheryl

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