X Factor winner Matt Terry slammed for C word swear rant in front of children!

Matt Terry really played up his squeaky clean cut image when he was competing on the X Factor but it looks like the star may have been slightly duplicitous on TV.

The singer is currently on the X Factor tour with former contestants, however a stop in Wakefield left him in disgrace after he got drunk and behaved badly.

Matt was slammed on social media by parents who furiously criticised him for swearing and ranting, loudly, in front of their children. It’s said that the singer was in a pub in the middle of the afternoon when he started his tirade, which included the C word.

X Factor 2016: Matt Terry


A source told The Sun: “The pub incident was truly shocking. After one practice he got drunk at a bar in Wakefield and then started swearing his mouth off in front of children, shouting the word c***. The parents who heard him were furious. He’s not showering himself in glory on the tour.”

It’s said that his drinking is becoming a bit of a problem and that Matt has angered some of the cast and crew in the show, by showing up late and hungover for concerts and rehearsals.

A friend told the newspaper that while Matt is living it up and enjoying himself on tour, he is totally dedicated to the shows and to his career. They say things are being blown out of perspective.

What do you think of it all? Is it a bad sign for Matt’s future career or is this just a case of a young lad, living a normal life, in front of the cameras?

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