X Factor’s James Arthur spotted ‘heavy petting’ Rita Ora – dating for 3 months?

by Lisa McGarry

james arthur, rita ora

James Arthur seems to be quite the ladies man and the lady on his radar right now is Rita Ora apparently.

There have been rumours about the pair for weeks now but the latest report suggests that a romance has been progressing between the couple for at least three months, before he even finished on the X Factor.

The 23 year old won the ITV show in December but apparently he’d already hooked up with the RIP singer by that stage and one so called pal told Look magazine:

“James has liked Rita for ages and they’ve been meeting up in secret for the past few months.

“They have so much in common, similar down to earth backgrounds and the same sense of humour – James has even started saying he’s falling in love with her.”

rita ora james arthur

They used the L word, it must be serious. Poor old Caroline Flack has been left on the shelf again.

Rita and James have been spotted together a number of times recently, and only last week onlookers say they seemed more than platonically friendly when they headed out for the night to strip club Silks in Leeds.

A fellow clubber said the pair were “kissing, cuddling – and heavy petting” which is a phrase we haven’t heard in a LONG time, so we’re guessing they weren’t the youngest clubber in the room.

rita ora james arthur 1

Another source said:

“Rita and James arrived at about 2am along with four others. They were all over each other the whole night.

“They seemed really into each other, but James was more chilled out – Rita was coming on to him all evening.”

Don’t forget that James was also seen partying with Rita in Birmingham and the next morning he did the walk of shame from her hotel, wearing the same clothes as he’d arrived in the night before.

We think rumours of a romance between this pair might actually be true!

James is up in Scotland this week and last night he played to a sell out crowd at Aberdeen. he’s feeling the effects this morning and tweeted:

“Aberdeen you were beautiful! I’ve completely lost my voice now 🙁 plenty of manuka tomorrow hope I’m alright for tomorrow night #LOVE”

There’s that L word again!

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