X Factor’s Louis Walsh: ‘Mary Byrne ticks all the boxes for me’

You only have to glance quickly at Louis Walsh’s interview in this week’s X Magazine, to work out who his favourite contestant is this year.

While Cheryl Cole has Cher Lloyd and Simon Cowell has One Direction, it would appear that Louis Walsh is pinning his hopes of winning on fellow Irish national, Mary Byrne.

Speaking about how he felt when he was first assigned the over 28s category, Walsh admitted that Mary was the silver lining on a very dark cloud. He said:

I didn’t want them. I did the auditions, I did Bootcamp, I saw the talent in the boys and the groups and the girls. Then they gave me the over 28s. It’s the hardest category. The girls wouldn’t have known what to do with them. But I’ve got Mary, so I’m quite happy. I’ve got Mary from Dublin, who I absolutely love.

Oh how he felt when both of Mary’s performances on the live shows, resulted in a standing ovation from the audience Louis said:

It made me feel amazing. It gave me a high. A total high. This girl is going to do so well in this competition. She’s going to get a record deal, she’s going to fulfil all her dreams, and she’s great. She’s 50, she’s got soul, she’s Irish. She ticks all the boxes for me. And she can really, really sing. She didn’t need any of the tricks that the other girls needed. For Mary it wasn’t about tricks and make-up and hair and dancers and things. No, just one thing – her voice.

On whether or not the 50 year old mum of one can be a current popstar, Walsh added:

She can sell an awful lot of records, like Susan Boyle. Absolutely. It’s not always about finding a popstar who can be a puppet for somebody. There’s enough of those in the charts.

Are you a Mary Byrne fan? Do you think she has a chance of winning the X Factor? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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