X Factor’s Louis Walsh poo-poo’s Boyzone’s 20th anniversary comeback tour, stating he wants nothing more to do with them!

by Anna Howell

Former Boyzone manager, and friend, Louis Walsh, has declared he wants nothing more to do with the band ahead of their 20th anniversary comeback tour, which they are currently working on.

The X Factor judge, who had to leave during a live show when told the heart breaking news that original Boyzone band member, Stephen Gately had passed away a few years ago, had been the man behind Boyzone right from the very start when they formed in 1993.

However, in this recent of many public spats between him and them, Louis has now washed his hands of them entirely, calling them “an ageing pop act.”

And as for the tour, not only will Louis not be attending, he slated anyone else who might have been considering going, when he commented recently, in response to being asked if he was planning to go along to the boys Dublin gig in November:

“I won’t be going to the show in November – I don’t know who actually will.”

His reasons for this drastic, diva-like outburst are that the boys were “difficult to work with”, so he has opted to concentrate on his more successful acts, commenting: “I only deal with bands who sell records,

“I focused my attentions on Westlife and Jedward and they have been a runaway success. It’s not a decision I regret, I’ll put it like that. I have had my mind on The X Factor as well, the biggest show on British and Irish television, so I honestly wouldn’t have had the time to devote to an ageing pop act.”

And that’s not the only bad news for the group, who are fronted by Ronan Keating, as their new album, due for release later this year, is forbidden to include any songs which feature the voice of their late band mate, Stephen, after a dispute with his estate management, as confirmed by Shane Lynch who said:

“We’d love to use his vocals but it’s not so simple. Apparently, even though we were in a band with him for 17 years, we can’t use his voice. But there you go. When Stephen died, we were in the middle of making an album. The last thing we could have done was continue after losing Stephen. But he is very much alive on those songs.”

Watch an interview with the boys in the clip below: