X Factor’s Lucie Jones & Lloyd Daniels move in together

They are not dating but Welsh teenagers Lucie Jones and Lloyd Daniels have decided to share a flat in London, while they try to advance their music careers.

Lloyd, who finished in fifth place on last year’s X Factor series told WalesOnline: “It worked out really well. Lucie found herself a place in Putney and was advertising for a flatmate and I was looking for somewhere myself but I couldn’t find anywhere I liked.

“There were a few one-bedroom flats but I don’t want to live on my own for my first year away from home.

“We just decided it would make sense for me to move in with Lucie. It’s the perfect arrangement.

“We get on so well. Ever since we met at the very first audition we’ve been good friends. It was mad that we both got through to the live finals.

“I can’t wait to have my own place, it will be nice to have somewhere in London to call home. It’s going to be amazing.”

He added: “There’s no chance of me bringing lots of people back and wrecking the flat, I’m not really into all that.

“I just want to get a record deal, that’s more important to me than partying.

“Also I’m a bit of a clean freak so I wouldn’t want people to come over and make a mess. Lucie will probably let her room get messy, but I’ll just close the door so I can’t see it.

“The first thing we need to do when we move in is buy a new sofa as the one there at the moment is not really to our taste. Besides, it needs to be extra comfy as that’s where my mum will sleep when she comes to stay.”

Part time model Lucie admitted that she will be keeping a close on her 17 year old flatmate. She said: “I’m going to be like his mum. He definitely won’t be able to bring any girls back and he’ll have to be home by 9pm whenever he goes out.

“He’s like my little brother, I really look out for him.

“I love him so much and I’m thrilled we’re moving in together.”

Lisa McGarry

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