X Factor’s Marcus Collins Bites back At Cher Lloyd and reveals that ‘Mercy, Mercy’ will be his second single!

by Lisa McGarry

Marcus Collins has hit out at former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, after she criticised his new single ‘Seven Nation Army.’

Last week, while chatting on Radio 1, the Swagger Jagger hitmaker hit out at Marcus’debut song, saying:

“It’s like that Marcus Collins song, right doing my head in. Because it’s a cover.”

Collins was asked about her comments during an interview on Real Radio North West’s ‘Two Girls & A Guy’ breakfast show this morning and hit back, saying:

“Everyone had their opinions on it [the single] and Cher’s opinion was just a little bit strong and I thought that maybe because she’d been in this situation that she’d know how difficult it is and how important it is.”

Then he became rather more animated and burst into; “She said why hasn’t he been in the studio writing? I have, I’ve written three quarters of the album and all of those originals are the best of an even bigger amount of originals that we’ve done.”

He then went on to try and tease presenters Lorna, Debbie and Oli on what the follow up single would be to ‘Seven Nation Army and added:

“I’ve got my favourite one lined up if it goes well and I get to do a second single. I know what I want to do and it’s an original.”

“Which one, are you going to tell us?” asked Debbie?

“I can’t tell,” protested Marcus, followed by all three chanting “Marcus, Marcus, tell us, tell us!” followed but lots of barracking and encouraging to dish until he caved and revealed that; “it’s a track called ‘Mercy, Mercy’ and I really feel that’s one of the strongest ones.”

Cher has had a busy week offending people and yesterday, ignited a feud with her former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole, after saying that she was adverse to singing live and preferred to be supported by autotuning.

Cole hit back on Twitter this morning, saying:

Be Careful who you kick on your way up .. They kick you twice as hard on your way back down.. #unappreciationisugly

Meanwhile, Marcus has been a busy boy this week and as well as promoting his new single and album, due for release next month, he has also started rehearsing for the upcoming X Factor tour. You can check out some backstage pictures of the X Factor team, all reunited here.

Lisa McGarry

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