X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger to duet with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton!

nicole-scherzinger-lewis hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that she would like to make some sweet music with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.

The handsome Formula 1 star is known for his great driving skills, so we can’t really imagine him crooning into a microphone or carrying out one of Nic’s sexy styled dance routines but the brunette beauty has insisted that her man is very talented in the musical department and it’s a side of him she wants to showcase in the very near future.

In an interview with Capital FM the X Factor judge hinted that they will be collaborating on a joint project very soon, saying:

“He’s working on some music and I’m working on some music. We’re gonna harmonise, become as one.”

Lewis, 28, previously confirmed in 2012 that he was pursuing a music career and had begun to work on his first album with singer-songwriter Angel.


Nicole has has a sneak preview of their tracks and she is raving about what she heard. The Pussycat Dolls star added:

“It sounds amazing. Everybody’s free to do music or something, a hobby or what they love, so I do nothing but support him.”

Scherzinger was promoting her new single Boomerang but took time to respond to haters, who claimed that Lewis should stick to what he’s good at and leave the music alone. She said she doesn’t listen to their negativity and her man is free to pursue any dreams he wants.

Nicole said: “You can’t listen to the haters out there. I mean, if he wants to record some songs and be creative then there’s nothing wrong with that.

“He’s always loved music since he was young and he plays the guitar so he’s been recording some tracks, doing his thing for fun.


“Me getting in a car and trying to drive really fast, now that’s scary!”

Nicole premiered the video for Boomerang today and she told her Twitter followers:

“Boom! My official #BOOMerang video is premiering on Friday 25th- 8am Uk time on @Vevo I’m so excited for you guys to see it!”

Have a watch of the video and leave your comments below…

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