X Factor’s Olly Murs to copy One Direction & guest star on TV show 90210!

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Olly Murs has gotten one step closer to cracking America as he landed his first ever role on a TV drama.

The X Factor runner up has confirmed that he will be making an appearance on hit teen US TV show 90120 and though it is only a one off cameo, the tight trousered star is hoping it will help him follow in One Direction’s footsteps in The States after they started their massive US success with a performance on iCarly.

Mr M will perform two of his songs when shows up on the series in April but thankfully he’ll be playing himself, so his acting chops won’t be tested too much.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that the cheeky chappy will croon ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Right Place Right Time’ after being approached by show bosses.

Olly told EW:

“I mean, when you come to the States, you’ve gotta start from scratch.”

“It’s a new start for everyone. We’ve got to showcase my talent and try to win new fans.”

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Murs recently revealed that he had a hard time trying to crack America last year, when he was touring with One Direction. He explained:

“It’s been tough. Obviously I’m doing Xtra Factor as well, which is nice to get my mind off music for a while, but for me America is a big step. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m having massive success out there, because I’m not.”

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“‘Heart Skips A Beat’ did okay out there, it’s laid some great foundations, but I haven’t spent enough time out there yet. I need to use that foundation I’ve built from the One Direction tour and hope things take off further. If it doesn’t work out there with ‘Troublemaker’ and Flo Rida then so be it – at least I tried.”

It looks like it could all be kicking off for Mr M very, very soon!

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